Don The Armour

May 27, 2023

He [Satan] commands their time; when God calls to duty, to pray, to hear, no time all the week to be spared for that; but if the sinner hears there is a merry-meeting, a knot of good fellows at the alehouse, all is thrown aside to wait on his lord and master.

William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour


Imagine if someone had a massive, black tumor on their face that leaked blood and pus, but they said they didn’t have time to get it checked out because they were too busy. They have to get the kids to the weekend soccer games, work on planning that vacation, pay the bills, clean the house, and work is just so busy! The triviality of these things is suddenly painfully apparent. The same applies to people prioritizing these trifling matters over their relationship with God. If you find your priorities getting out of whack, use this kind of visualization to get them straightened out. Everything else will suddenly become less important when put into perspective.