Don The Armour

June 24, 2023

He that hath not love enough to give a reproof seasonably to his brother, nor humility enough to bear a reproof from him, is not worthy to be called a Christian. By the first he shows himself a ‘hater of his brother,’ (Lev. 19:17); by the second he proves himself ‘a scorner’ (Pro. 9:8).

Truly it is one great reason why the falls of professors are so frequent in our days, and their recoveries so rare of late, because few in these unloving times are to be found so faithful as to do this Christian office of reproof to their brethren. They will sooner go and tattle of it to others to their disgrace, than speak of it to themselves for their recovery.

William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour


If we aren’t willing to offer a reproof directly to our brother for his sin but will talk about it to others, then our motive is not to help him recover but to slander him. It can be uncomfortable, but confronting others about their sins, rather than gossiping, is loving. If you can’t do that, it’s better to say nothing.