Don The Armour

July 9, 2023

Mortification is not the present duty of unregenerate men. God calls them to conversion first. He calls them to the conversion of their whole soul, not just the mortification of this or that particular lust. You might laugh at a man that would build without a foundation. Each day that he builds his previous day’s work falls down. Look at him as he continues in the same course day by day. So it is with those who seek mortification without salvation.

John Owen The Mortification of Sin


Unbelievers can be aware of their sin and even try to fight it, but they can never truly kill it at its root (mortify it), as that is solely the work of Christ. This is why we need to be more concerned with bringing people to Jesus than trying to convict them of their sins. Even if they actually do become convicted of it, they will have no tools to beat it. In fact, they will be working against themselves because all their efforts to mortify sin will divert their attention away from the cross and salvation. It is our job to bring sinners to Christ, and only then can he begin to help them mortify their sins.