Don The Armour

July 11, 2023

When a carnal heart would be merry, he doth not take the Bible down to read in that. He doth not go into the company of the promises, and walk in the meditation of them. It brings no joy to him to think of Christ or heaven. No, he takes down a playbook, may be; seeks some jovial company; goes to the exchange or market, to hear what news he can meet with. Every one, as his haunt lies; but still it is from the world he expects his joy. And now where lies thy road, Christian? whither doth thy soul lead thee for thy joy? Dost not thou go to the word, and read there what Christ has done for thee on earth, and is doing for thee in heaven? Is not the throne of grace the exchange, to which thou resortest for good news from that far country, heaven, where all thy estate lies, and thy best friends live? Art not thou listening what promise he will speak peace from to thy soul? If so, thou hast not thy name for naught, thou art a Christian indeed.

William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour


Christians should be joyful, but our joy must come from the correct source, Christ’s gospel. Many professors today treat reading the scriptures, praying, and attending church as obligations. They drag their feet about it as they would to mow the lawn or wash the dishes, yet they take great pleasure in the world. What does it say about our faith if we treat time with our Lord as onerous and derive our satisfaction from things of the world that are antithetical to God? I used the term “professors” earlier, as the Puritans did, to identify someone that professes the Christian faith. I use this term because I cannot in good conscience call someone a Christian who is unable to derive joy from Christ and his promises.

But many of us could receive joy from these heavenly things if we weren’t so distracted by the busyness and allures of the modern world. We have to spend proper time with God so his joy can manifest in us. What could create more elation and comfort than receiving the news that God has offered you a peace treaty? That you have been reconciled with the creator of the universe, despite your damning sin, and can enjoy eternity with him? Slow down your life and take the time to meditate on these things. You will be overcome with pure, holy joy if you truly believe them, and then time spent with and for the Lord will never be burdensome.