Don The Armour

July 31, 2023

Satan comes first with a spirit of error and then of persecution. He first corrupts men’s minds with error, and then enrageth their hearts with wrath against the professors of truth. It is impossible that error, being a brat of hell, should be peacable.

William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour


Satan corrupts men’s doctrine and makes them believe false things; then, they turn against those who adhere to the truth. Have you noticed this happening around you today? Much of the false doctrine of the author’s time was more subtle; they argued about theological issues many believers don’t even think about anymore. The error creeping into the church today is so egregious and directly contrary to scripture that it would be unfathomable to a Puritan. It may not be long before those of us still holding fast to the truth are in a tiny minority, viewed and treated with hostility, so we must be courageous and stand for God’s word no matter the cost. We can’t make peace with false teaching.