Don The Armour

August 5, 2023

Now a carnal heart is clean contrary, his zeal is for the world, and his indifferency in the things of God; … No weather shall keep him from the market; [let it] rain, blow, or snow, he goes thither; but if the church-path be a little wet, or the air somewhat cold, it is apology enough for him if his pew be empty.

William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour


How many lukewarm Christians like Mr. Gurnall is describing do we see in our churches today? Any minor scheduling conflict or inconvenience will keep them from worship and communion with the Creator of the universe, but they would never dream of missing a football game or a cocktail party. It brings to mind a person in my church who had a beeping watch alarm that would loudly blare at noon every Sunday, and they refused to silence it as it signaled to the pastor that he was going too long. Was that person so concerned about the time when they were at Applebees afterward? If only these professors had the same vigor and passion for their God that they do their worldly affairs. Today, think about what you are zealous about. If the top thing on your list isn’t God and his glory, then spend some time in prayer and ask the Spirit to guide you and stir up your affections. Worshiping in the body is a great privilege; if it feels otherwise, this should be cause for concern.