Don The Armour

November 13, 2023

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33 (ESV)


Our modern lives can seem so complicated at times. We have so many stresses, responsibilities, and distractions vying for our attention that we quickly lose track of what matters.

I’ve been feeling this in my own life lately, as I’ve had situations arise that are making me confront difficult decisions that no one else can answer. We will all face problems like this at some point, and it can be overwhelming, feeling that we have nowhere to turn for an answer and being worried we will do the wrong thing.

God recently pressed this verse, Matthew 6:33, into my heart and made me realize that all of this complexity is my own doing because following him is simple.

All believers are on the narrow path, heading toward the light. That light is Christ and the hope of our salvation. Everything that appears along the way belongs to one of two categories: companions or obstacles. They are either coming along with us on our walk of hope, aiding in the journey, or pulling us down and keeping us from our destination.

Check every person, thing, and desire in your life, and ask yourself: is this a companion or an obstacle? Is this person going to come along with me on my journey, or are they clinging to my knees, trying to pull me back with them? Are the things I’m spending my time and money on helping me move toward Christ, or are they dragging me off the path and distracting me from going to him?

We should be trying to bring as many people along on this journey as possible, but some things are only obstacles, and for those, your only choice is to jump over them to go to Christ.

Everything becomes simple when you think this way because you are always in motion. Is something trying to stop you from moving forward or tripping you up? You don’t need to think about it much; if you aren’t pushing forward, it’s a problem; shake it off, jump over it, whatever you have to do, but get back in motion. As long as you’re moving toward Christ, everything you need will be added to you. The things that are going to come along will, the things that are a hindrance will be left behind. Rather than having all these complex decisions, you only have to run to Christ, and all else will be sorted out.

Make it your resolution to stay on this path and stay in motion until you reach glory. You can’t say to yourself, “Well, I hope I get there,” because then you never will; the obstacles will be too much for you.

The Christian is resolved; come what will, he will have heaven. - Thomas Watson

We will certainly all trip and fall many times on this journey, but what’s important is how quickly we get back up and start running to the light again.