Don The Armour

May 20, 2023

Did ever Christ come to thee, as the angel to Peter in prison, rousing thee up, and not only causing the chains of darkness and stupidity to fall off thy mind and conscience, but make thee obedient also – that the iron gate of thy will hath opened to Christ before he left thee? Then thou hast something to say for thy freedom.

William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour


One of the most effective munitions in our arsenal is our testimony. Shooting these flaming darts of evidence will wreak havoc on the enemy while being a beacon of hope for your fellow saints. Every Christian has a story, and sharing it is a way to lift up your brother and bring glory to God. Take stock of your victories and blessings, even when they seem small or insignificant, and share them at every opportunity. You will never have to worry about your quiver running empty if you take the time to recognize God’s work in your life.