Don The Armour

July 20, 2023

The very thoughts of those offers of peace which once thou hadst, but no heart to embrace them, will be like so much salt and vinegar, with which thy accusing conscience will be continually basting thee, as thou liest roasting in hell-fire, to make thy torment the more intolerable. I know this language grates on the sinner’s ears, but not so ill as the gnashing of the sinner’s own teeth will in hell.

William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour


Anyone who refuses the gospel, God’s peace treaty with man, will have eternity to sit in hell and regret it. This kind of fire and brimstone preaching is frowned upon today, but I wonder if that’s only because we no longer believe it is real. If we did, how could we allow ourselves to sit by idly while those we love go down this fatal path? Preaching damnation may not be the best way to reach a sinner initially, but it should motivate believers to relentlessly pursue bringing others to Christ. How can you claim to love someone if you’re indifferent to them suffering this fate?