Don The Armour

August 14, 2023

Again, art thou sick, poor, and what not beside? May not God reasonably expect that reconciling mercy should stop thy mouth from whispering any word of discontent against him, and prevent all envious glances of thy eye at the prosperity of the wicked? Remember, man, that thou canst say one great word which they cannot, in the midst of all their pomp and worldly glory. “Though I lie here poor and sick, yet I am, through mercy, at peace with God.”

William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour


No matter your present circumstances, if you are in Christ, your position in eternity is secure. If envy, jealousy, or worldly desires strike you, turn your mind back to this truth: you have peace with God. Our culture glorifies earthly wealth and thinks nothing of spiritual wealth. How short-sighted they are! The things of this earth are a vapor, but our treasure is eternal (James 4:14).