Don The Armour

August 24, 2023

There is a disease in children called the rickets, when they have large heads, but their lower parts are small and thrive not. Many professors have the spiritual rickets, they have large heads, much knowledge, but yet they thrive not in godliness, their heart is faint, their feet feeble, they don’t walk vigorously in the ways of God. And the cause of this disease is the lack of meditation.

Thomas Watson, Meditation: A Christian on the Mount


We all struggle with this from time to time. Our spiritual duties become routine, and we read scripture to check a box and feel like we met our obligations, but the knowledge only goes to our heads and never makes it to our hearts, much less our feet. It’s okay to slow down and take your time in the Word. It would be better to read a single verse and spend the rest of your time contemplating it than to read several chapters and go about your day without thinking about them.